Our Services

  • For Employers

    • Promote your organization and attract qualified applicants
    • Provide information about available opportunities
    • Access and download CVs of job seekers
    • Host an event at Kardan University to promote the brand of your organization
    • Have the opportunity to communicate face to face with job seekers
  • For Job Seekers

    • Learn about organizations and industries of their interest
    • Discover opportunities for various skillsets
    • Find your dream job
    • Build a network with popular firms
    • Chance to Communicate your abilities face to face
  • Work-Study Opportunities

    The purpose of the work-study program is to give the students the academic skills and competences as well as organizational and personal knowledge. It offers part-time employment within Kardan University campuses for students who experience financial difficulty in paying fee. Eligible students are required to work from 24 hours to a maximum of 36 hours per week in administration as Management Trainee or Academic as Academic Trainee positions.

  • Internship/Job Opportunities

    Internship certainly provides important benefits, including the learning opportunities common to educational studies and career goals. Acquiring valuable work experience prior to graduating is a key element to any organization. Internship ultimately paves the path for students with no prior experience to enter workplace. This is where students begin with job in making their professional career.